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Becoming a professional in the diving industry appeals to an ever increasing number of young people ; you will do things others only dream of and lead a life others can only fantasize about.
Divers get to travel a lot , live a life full of thrills adventure and excitement get to meet a great number of people and make friends all over the world and most of all they get to lead a life without stress and in environments that are dreamlike where people have a smile on their face.
So this year we will offer you the opportunity to be trainned by us and become Padi Dive Masters. Professionals of the dive industry all this in the magical environment Corfu by a team that has one of the best track records with training in the industry.

We provide: accomodation for 45 days
Plus trainning to Dive master
Plus full equipment use
Plus your padi application
Plus insurance
Plus unlimited diving during trainnning and hands on experience in assisting instructors and dive masters with first time divers and students.

All the above for :euro 1800

Open water diver qualification +
Advanced open water diver +
Efr +
Rescue diver +
Dive master +
Minimum sixty dives +
Hands on experience by assisting our instructors.

Pre requisites

Medical clearance to dive by a physician
Minimum 18 year old
Able to swim if not we will teach you that as well.


We will then offer you a job and a salary plus bonus on performance for one month if you wish and list your name on our data base and help you find work any where around the world in cooperation with our professional friends and dive clubs.